Lymm Water Tower

Built in 1873 and converted in 2004, Lymm Water Tower is a multi-award-winning residential property, immersed in the Cheshire green belt. Sat on a sandstone ridge, the iconic Grade II Listed building is a prominent landmark, with the Green Belt land surrounding it, contributing to its setting as a heritage asset. This parcel of Green Belt is now under threat of development and we, along with others who care about the erosion of the Green Belt, are objecting to proposals to build 240 houses on it.

We are objecting to the application on the following specific grounds:

The consultation period runs until the 29th September 2017 and comments, representations and objections need to be made to no later than 5.00pm. You can find out more here - Warrington local plan review. We’ll also be posting updates to our FaceBook page.

We’re here to answer any questions too. Email us at

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